The Leyland Fox Lane Bowling Club has an excellent on site crown green bowling green that club members regularly enjoy games throughout the spring and summer months. For more information about the bowling club and becoming a member please contact the sports and social club.


Indoor Bowls



Hi everyone.

We’re trying to establish if people would be interested in playing indoor short mat bowls to the English short mat bowls association rules from October to March in and around South Ribble. If there is sufficient interest then we have Leyland premises in mind to promote the sport in the borough and organise the initial start-up this year.

So what we need is you to let me know how many, if any, of you and your "circle of friends" would be really be interested in doing this socially or competitively during midweek nights/days from 1st October 2014 to 31 March 2015. Please reply and complete quantities in table below.

Just give me a rough ballpark figure for number of times a week by how many people both day and night times.

Thanks in anticipation.  

The bowls, mat etc will be provided so all people have to do is turn up, pay a fee, (few pound a game) and state if they want social or competitively type short mat bowls. 

If anyone is interested in long mat/full rink indoor bowls as well then again the possible uptake would be useful if such premises became available.

Please note that both short and long mat would be to Sports England Youth development requirements as well for legacy reasons.

Once we've collated feedback for participation levels then will keep you informed of progress and how it will be structured and any further developments such as the need for National coaches, volunteers etc.

                                                                                                         Quantity for  
                                                                                               Day                        Night

Short mat interested: Social bowls =
                                     Team Bowls  =

Long mat interested:  Social bowls =
                                     Team Bowls  =

Feel free to call my mobile or e-mail me if you want to know more.

Regards,    Andy Vurley   mobile 07909-534885 email   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


alt src=images/stories/cricket-match-1.jpgWe wish to become the flagship of Sporting and social harmonising within the Community of Leyland and to embrace other Sports and Groups. Our Mission therefore is to help and grow all Community Activities and Interests.

  • Continue to provide Sporting Facilities on existing Parkland (Worden Park) and examine additional potential sports surfaces available
  • Enhance the Management Skills of Dedicated Qualified Coaches for the benefit and enjoyment of the Communities Children in the Borough of South Ribble, particularly in Leyland, through Sport and Parent Socialising
  • To secure ‘up to the mark’ separate changing facilities for Children (boys/girls), Adults (men/women)
  • Safe and Secure parking facilities
  • Environmentally friendly Access to Parkland
  • Maintain and develop the facilities, the playing surfaces and to further create a sporting community and participation for all
  • Potential to ‘grow the club’ and Increase Membership
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